Movement Rebels Training School

We are piloting a Teacher Training program on Monday nights. We will be covering all 34 of the traditional Pilates exercises as lined out in "Contrology" by Joseph Pilates. Whether you are interested in becoming a teacher, or you just want to go deeper into your own Pilates practice, this class could be for you. All classes are FREE and available only in the month of April! The two Fridays listed are just for us to meet, discuss, brainstorm, shoot, drink beer, and just share some collaborative fun time together! See calendar below


This is a comprehensive 450 hour program

2018 Dates for Educational Hours

Mat 12 Hours
Monday April 2nd 5-8pm
Monday April 9th 5-8pm
Monday April 23rd 5-8pm
Monday April 30th 5-8pm

Reformer 20 Hours
Monday June 4th 5-8:30pm, Wednesday June 6th 5-7pm
Monday June 11th 5-8:30pm, Wednesday June 13th 5-7pm
Monday June 18th 5-8:30pm, Wednesday June 20th 5-7pm
Monday June 25th 5-8:30pm,

Spine Corrector (Arc), Magic Circle 3 Hours
Monday July 23rd 5-8pm

Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel 15
TBD in August

Program Hours

Education Hours - 75

(Taught in an in person, group format.)

  • Mat 12
  • Reformer 20
  • Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel 15
  • Spine Corrector (Arc), Magic Circle 3
  • Principles, Concepts, Trouble Shooting 25

Missed Educational Hours can be made up through paid private sessions with Lecie Langille through Rebel Pilates and at are subject to availability. More than one student can share a private session, and there is no cap to the amount of students sharing a private session. Private sessions for missed Educational Hours must be done in person, and can be done at any time before assessment.

Personal/Observation Hours 100

(can be any combination below)

  • Personal Hours
  • Taking classes or privates taught by Lecie Langille
  • All students get 20% discounts on group or private sessions at Rebel Pilates.
  • Skype sessions with Lecie Langille will also count towards Personal Hours.
  • Observation Hours

Observing classes or privates taught by Lecie Langille. It is free to observe a group class or private session. All group classes and private sessions taught by Lecie Langille are open for observation. Students may observe other teachers group classes or private sessions with the teacher’s consent, but will not count toward Observation Hours

Teaching 275

  • Mat 50
  • Reformer 100
  • Trapeze Table 75
  • Wunda Chair 20
  • Ladder Barrel 10
  • Arc 10
  • Magic Circle 10

Student Teaching hours must be discussed through phone, email, Skype, or in person with Lecie Langille. As it is very difficult to be present for all of the required hours, we are on the honor system. This is why occasional discussion of student teaching hours is required.